Membership Management Account Password Protection Script Software

MojoProtector MySQL

E-Commerce membership management, account management, password management, password protection, account protection and website protection software on MySQL backend.

MojoProtector MySQL is an advanced website protection software and directory system on a full MySQL backend capable of serving access to protected areas to thousands of members at the same time. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. You can choose from many ways to activate new member registration depending on the way you set up your account.

MojoProtector MySQL works perfectly with, the bill’s in coding, iBill web900 (telephone charges), and PayPal subscription services with IPN.

MojoProtector MySQL offers security tools to prevent password sharing, brutal force attacks, prevent script execution from other websites, IP addresses banning, and email addresses (or whole domain) banning.

MojoProtector MySQL is known for its template driven. All of the HTML pages user sees and all emails members receive have been transported into readily customizable files. This is perfect to make the pages as you want them.

Some of the key features you will find in this website protection software are:

  • Password protect your site using .htaccess
  • Protect unlimited number of directories.
  • Works perfectly with iBill pincoding* and web900*clickbank*, and paypal*
  • Trial and recurring charges at the prices you want.
  • Members can pay/edit/update/cancel their account without any touch from administrators.
  • Members can retrieve their lost password by either their username or email address
  • Configure everything online, no messy files to edit..
  • You can expire/unexpire/suspend/unsuspend/approve/deny member.
  • Mass mailling members (which is just like a mailling list)
  • Automatically deactivates expired accounts
  • Automatically disables abused accounts
  • Automatically backs up your account databases
  • Template drivens. All the pages and forms your members see can be customized to fit the rest of your site.

If you want to offer multiple levels of memberships or have different directories that you want to be paid at different prices,

MojoProtector MySQL membership management and website protection software is the rescue!! It allows you to protect one set of directories with multiple access lengths, and/or protect multiple sets of directories with one price!

To illustrate, for example, you have protected directories named demo1, demo2, …

Then you can have something like:

  • lifetime access to demo1 for $99
  • Three months access to demo1 for $20
  • One month access to demo1 for $10
  • etc

and for demo2, you can have something like

  • 1 week access to demo2 for $10
  • 2weeks access to demo2 for $15
  • 1 month access to demo3 for $30.
  • etc

So you can run multiple (unlimited theoretically) protected sites with one script.

* You have to buy the pay module separately with version 2.0