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MojoFormail – Intro

Using Form mail has never been easier.

Looking for an advanced solution but easy to manage and process HTML form on your website? MojoFormail is a do-it-all website tool for retrieving information entered by websites visitors.
MojoFormail does more than the standard form processing program which takes data entered on a single page and emails it to you; MojoFormail gives you the ability to set up which fields the user must enter, sends a thankyou email to users and print a confirmation on-screen or take users to someplace you want after successful submission.

Setting up required fields no longer shows an unattractive field name when a field is left blank. You now can set a field description to notify the user what data has yet to be entered. Better than that, the error is displayed in-line without taking the user to another page that they have to click on the “back” button to get back to the missing information.

Want to restrict what kind of characters users can enter on a specific page? No problem! You can do that easily from the admin web interface. This can help narrow down mistakes made by users. You dont want to ask for phone numbers and they enter some scraping address.

Another nice feature of the program is a password protected browser-based administration area which allows the administrator to set the options to work with the program. Similar to a car, only persons with the right key can drive (so better keep it safe).

We encourage you to review our product features, take our online demonstration of the product in action, or download our lite version before purchasing.